Technology Department

We believe technology supports and enhances curriculum at all levels. It is our mission to equip all learners with technology processes, concepts, and skills to excel in the present learning environment and beyond. Empowering learners to not only possess these skills but also to apply them to real-world scenariosis fundamental to each learner’s success.

Our Mission/Vision

Our mission is to provide an excellent learning environment that breaks down barriers, fosters innovation, and empowers students and staff to succeed as life-long learners.

In support of our district mission, “Where Excellence in Education is an Expectation,” our vision is:

  • To engage students in blended learning opportunities with technology universally available for all students and staff;
  • To refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity;
  • To enhance 1:1 learning;
  • To access global resources;
  • To improve verbal and written communication;
  • To meet the curricular needs of all students;
  • To collect, assess, and share performance information;
  • To provide knowledge and experience necessary for the workforce; and
  • To improve the performance of managerial and leadership tasks.

It is our commitment to remain steadfast with this technology vision on a daily basis.

Technology Staff

Andrew SummersAdministration, Technology
Andrew SummersAdministration, Technology
Beth CrousoreTechnologyOperations Manager
Brian BoehnleinTechnologyData Coordinator
Bobby OgdenTechnologyTechnology Specialist
Mike BottorffAdministration, TechnologyDirector of Technology

Procurement 2017 (including E-Rate)

Request for Proposals (RFP) for Internet Service Provision

Part 1 Enclosures and Exhibits
Part 2 Mailing Label
Part 3 Proposal Cover Page
Part 4 Vendor Response Forms
Part 5 Detailed Pricing Forms