USDA Program to Provide Free Meals for All Students in 2021-2022

July 26, 2021 Author: Indian Creek Schools

Indian Creek Schools

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has approved all schools to offer one free lunch and one free breakfast to all students regardless of income. This means students will receive their meals for FREE for the 2021-2022 school year.

Some things to keep in mind:

Students must take the required components to make a reimbursable meal in order for it to be free. How students make a reimbursable meal will be posted/displayed in the cafeteria or during meal delivery. The cashier or other school staff will help students take a full reimbursable meal.

If students purchase extras (such as a bottled drink) available in the serving line, a la carte (such as a singular milk or entree), snacks from vending machines, etc.,the student will be charged for these items. If your student intends to purchase items other than a meal, please make sure there are adequate funds on their account.

Nothing needs to be sent to the school in order to have a student receive meals for free. Free meals are automatically offered to all students regardless of income.

Families that believe they would qualify for free and reduced meals normally, should still submit a free meal application as this could help with qualifying for textbook rental assistance and other assistance programs for the family and student. Benefits from completing applications stretch far beyond the cafeteria and impact students in the classroom and at home. All information submitted in these applications is private and confidential.

The meal application is also the textbook rental application. All students will receive free meals his year, but families must complete a meal/textbook rental assistance application to see if they qualify for TBR assistance. They must be approved for TBR assistance to qualify for P-EBT payments as well.

To print a free meal application and instructions for textbook rental assistance, see below. Complete and return the application to your student’s school to see if your family would qualify to receive textbook rental assistance. 

Contact the Food Service Office at 317.878.2106 with any questions or to receive an application by mail.

Meal and Textbook Rental Assistance Instructions

Meal and Textbook Rental Assistance Application

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