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Our Creek Cattle Company program raises healthy cattle, expands academic opportunities and ensures that our students will have farm-fresh beef served in the cafeteria. Market animals are fed and cared for throughout the year until they reach appropriate market weight. 

We collaborate with the NHJ Director of Food Services to sell the meat to the school at the current market price for use in the school lunches with profits going back to Creek Cattle Company endeavors.

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Whether maintaining and improving structures and grounds, caring for the animals, or helping with row crop production, Creek Cattle Company involves all our agriculture classes in many capacities.

The farm provides students:

  • Opportunities to apply cross-curricular skills in real-world hands-on scenarios.
  • Education about feed efficiency, rate of gain and other practical farm experiences.
  • Further educational opportunities in STEM for all of our students.
  • A natural setting for cross-curricular lessons and real-world problem-solving. 
Our Mission

Creek Cattle Company will make a difference in the lives of students and staff of NHJUSC by developing and exploring agricultural practices through hands-on student involvement in an up-close and personal farm-like setting.

Our Vision

A community rooted in agriculture dedicated to growing future agriculturalists in and out of the classroom. 

Agricultural Pathways

Indian Creek High School offers four Agriculture pathways that meet the requirements of the Next Level Programs of Study: Agriscience Animals, Agriscience Plants, Horticulture, and Ag Mechanical and Engineering.

These sequences of courses allow students to better prepare for the real world by learning industry-standard skills, exploring career opportunities while earning college credits and industry certifications, and saving time and money while jump-starting their future.

Each of the Animal Life Science (ALS) classes (ALS Plants and ALS Animals) as well as the Animal Science courses count as a third-year science course for all students. Because of this, these courses are popular with students and are taken as part of, and separate from, the AgriScience Pathways.

In the last two school years, the Agriculture pathways have experienced an increased enrollment of 100 students.

The addition of a second agriculture teacher, the expansion of our Creek Cattle Company (Farm to Table Program) and the expectation of the addition of a new campus greenhouse has created excitement among our student body.

Indian Creek Schools
Indian Creek Schools


Creek Cattle Company (CCC) was born in 2018 through the collaboration and generous partnerships among the agriculture department, Superintendent Tim Edsell and NHJ United School Board Trustee members. CCC began operations with the opportunity to row-crop 50 acres of school-owned property. We extend a wealth of gratitude to the community farmers and companies that provided seed, materials, and labor as we embarked on this adventure.

The profit from these initial crops, combined with other donations, allowed CCC to complete fencing, build a barn, and add the first cattle to school property. Each year, CCC continues to row-crop the area around the barn for continued financial support. In 2022, Creek Cattle Company sold its retail cuts of beef to the public as an additional fundraising opportunity, with all profits going back to further expand the barn, animals, materials, and educational opportunities for students.

We would like to thank our corporate, gold, silver and bronze level sponsors, as well as other community donations, for helping make Creek Cattle Company a viable Farm to Table experience for our students. By partnering with CCC, our sponsors help provide experiential learning opportunities for students, as well as provide high-quality fresh beef for school lunches. These sponsors are recognized in many ways, including the permanent sign located at the entrance to the farm, marketing materials, and social media.

Indian Creek Schools recently received the 3E: Exploration, Engagement, and Experience Grant from the Indiana Department of Education to further support the goals and initiatives of the Creek Cattle Company. 3E funding supports additional agricultural staffing, as well as the expansion of fencing and additional equipment. Future sponsorships and grant funding will continue to support equipment needs and herd management.

To find out more about how you can support Creek Cattle Company, please contact Assistant Superintendent Andrea Perry at 


Indian Creek Schools
Indian Creek Schools
Indian Creek Schools


Indian Creek Schools
Indian Creek Schools
Indian Creek Schools

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Indiana Beef Council

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Johnson County Beef Council

Staufferbuilt Farms

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Indy Site Works

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Reynolds Farm Equipment

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